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Geofence Attendance simplifies workforce management with features like location-based attendance and real-time graphs so, you are free to focus on scaling your business

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Why Geofence Attendance


Admin Web

Get detailed access to rules, track daily attendance, invite users and other features

  • Daily Stats
  • Set-up Rules
  • Add Locations
  • Invite Users
  • Monthly Reports
  • Leave Management
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Geofence Module

Utilize our Geofencing module to streamline your workforce management:

  • Seamlessly track employee attendance in real-time through our app
  • Add and edit geofences to suit your specific workforce needs at no extra cost.
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Mobile App for
Android & iOS

Geofence Attendance Mobile Application facilitates organizations in two way:

  • Employee App allows you to mark attendance, apply for leaves, and track professional efficiency hassle-free.
  • Admin App provides executives with daily notifications, streamline leave approvals, and access detailed attendance analytics effortlessly.
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Download the App

Download our app from the Google Playstore or from the Apple App Store to start using it

How to videos

Take a look at some main features and a step-by-step guide to start using the application.

Dashboard Walkthrough

Get to know the features available on the web dashboard

Admin App Walkthrough

Get a quick overview of the mobile admin application

Employee App Walkthrough

Understand the onboarding process of the app and it's usage


Take a look at our Basic, Starter and Power packages that we're currently offering.


For individuals

  • Android and IOS Application
  • Multiple Locations
  • IP Based Attendance
  • Only 10 Users

For Small Organization

  • Android and IOS Application
  • Multiple Locations
  • IP Based Attendance
  • Upto 100 Users

For large companies

  • Android and IOS Application
  • Multiple Locations
  • IP Based Attendance
  • Unlimited Users

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