Geofence Attendance

Location Based Attendance

Our system helps organizations to effectively manage and track attendance, working hours, leaves and absentees of their employees.

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What Geofence can do for you

Geofence Provisioned

Provision of restricting users to check-in and check-out within a pre-set geographical boundary from one or multiple locations.

IP Based Attendance

Optional user restricting feature to allow attendance from a specific IP address to ensure attendance from the office vicinity.

Report Generation

Report generation feature enables a quick insight of all your employees’ attendance that helps in data analysis and trends prediction.

Multiple Locations

User can check-in and check-out from multiple locations, specified by Administrator

Mock location Detection

Intelligent system to detect and counter location spoofing caused by fake location apps.

Push Notifications

Ease of communication with specific or all users using the Push Notifications Feature.

Leave Management

One tap solution for leave applications, providing convenience to employees and its acceptance by admin

Task Management

Integrated tasks assigning and updates tracking feature to track work progress of the users.

Easy to Use

User-friendly and simple solution, easy to use by everyone with no need of prior training or expert knowledge.

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These are the basic steps to start using our application.

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Click on Register and create your account

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Click on Login and enter your credentials

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Add your team departments, team members and set up your rules

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Your team members can now download Android App or iPhone App and use it for attendance

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Why Geofence Attendance System

We are offering a free Web Dashboard for managing your users and generating a complete report of attendance. Our android and iOS applications are completely free to download.

Web Application for Organization

Geofence Attendance Admin Portal is an easy-to-use platform designed for administrators and owners of organizations to get registered and use our services. The organizations have full control over the application to set their own rules.


Application For Android Users and iOS users

Geofence Attendance Employee’s App is specially designed for employees who are added to the organization by the administrator using the Admin Portal. The employees can use the app to mark attendance while they enter the geographical boundary that is pre-set by the organization’s administrator.

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How to videos

Take a look at some main features and a step-by-step guide to start using the application.

How to start?

Discover how to get started with geofence attendance now.

Features we're offering

Learn what are the main features of the geofence attendance system.

Setting Up Rules

Learn how to setup your rules and control your application from settings.


Take a look at our Basic, Starter and Power packages that we're currently offering.


For individuals

  • Android and IOS Application
  • Multiple Locations
  • IP Based Attendance
  • Only 10 Users

For Small Organization

  • Android and IOS Application
  • Multiple Locations
  • IP Based Attendance
  • Upto 100 Users

For large companies

  • Android and IOS Application
  • Multiple Locations
  • IP Based Attendance
  • Unlimited Users

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