Geofence Attendance

Our system helps Employers, Administrators and Managers manage and track the attendance, working hours, leaves and absence of their employees and team members.

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Geofence Enforced

Check-in and Check-out available only within the defined geo-fenced area.

Multiple Locations

User can Check-in and Check-out in multiple available locations.

IP Based Attendance

The user will Check-in and Check-out from a specific IP address.

Fake Location Tackle

Intelligent system to counter fake and false location submissions.

Leave Management

Application for leave can be submitted by team members and managed by administrator.

Task Management

Manage and Chat on user Tasks.

Easy Notifications

Employees can set custom reminders for check-in and check-out times.

Reporting System

Administrator can view and print reports base upon several search filters.

Fully Responsive

Web and App are responsive for ease of use.


This Application is intended for use by Employees of a registered organization on our system. If you are an Admin of your organization, click on "Register" and create your account.

1. Register Your Organization

Click on Register and create your account

2. Login to your Account

Click on Login and enter your credentials

3. Add your Data

Add your team departments, team members and set up your rules

4. Ready to Use

Your team members can now download our app and use it for attendance

Download the App

Your team members can download Geofence Attendance app from play store.

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